Q: What are your figures made of?
A: My figures are printed in UV resin, properly cured and cleaned. When I sell painted figures, they are painted with acrylic paints, and sealed with a satin finish unless otherwise specified. Note that while these figures are poseable and look great on display, they are NOT factory-produced plastic and are therefore not as durable as something you’d buy at the store. These are for collectors and not intended to be played with.

Q: How do you print your figures?
A: I have a nice little page devoted to answering those questions right HERE.

Q: I’m new to all of this and don’t know what types of paints to use. Can you help?
A: Yes! I have a page HERE that runs through all my recommended materials.

Q: I like your figures but I’m not any good at painting – will you paint the figures for me?
A: Sadly, I just don’t have the time to paint figures on demand. BUT! There’s a bit of good news here – first off, sometimes I offer batches of fully painted figures for sale when I have the time. Keep an eye on my Instagram for details! And second, there are a couple of well-respected dudes out there who regularly paint my figures for customers. You can contact KeepersKustoms here or Outer Rim Creations here.

Q: Do you do commission work?
A: Kinda? Sometimes? I don’t offer services as a for-hire sculptor, but I do take requests. Basically, if you want something very specific designed for you, I’m probably not your guy. But if there is, for example, a specific character from Star Wars or another vintage series that you think I should make…drop me a note and if I think it’s cool or believe other fans would want it too, I might make it!

Q: How long will it take for me to receive my order?
A: That depends on what you order and from where! Sometimes I’ll sell figures that are ready to ship so you’ll get them roughly within a week. For other items, I may take orders for something before they’re finished. I’ll always label those as PRE ORDER, and specify a shipping window. If you buy unpainted figures or parts though my Etsy site, the shipping times are clearly stated over there.

Q: I want something not on your site, but that I’ve seen on your Instagram or Facebook page…can I custom order something?
A: Maybe! It depends on my workload at the time, but please do reach out if you’re looking for something in particular.

Q: I want to get into 3d modeling…can you help?
A: Well I won’t walk you through it, but my recommendation would be to look at software like ZBrush and Nomad Sculpt (iPad) for modeling complex things like figures and faces. Also check out MeshMixer and Blender for modeling and also things like adding articulation. There are a zillion YouTube videos that will walk you through all of these!